August 12th Update

On August 11, a group of 12 brothers representing the churches and the work in Southern California met at Oak Glen Conference Center with a team of architects to discuss how Oak Glen would be used to meet the need of the churches. After touring the property to review the existing facilities the brothers spent 2.5 hrs fellowshipping over how different groups of saints from small groups, YP, college-age, trainees, families, and churches would use the conference center.

A few highlights from the fellowship are that we need:

  1. Different types of accommodations for different ages and budgets
  2. A gathering place where the saints can cook, eat and meet together
  3. Different types of activities for a variety of users
  4. A layout where multiple groups of saints can use the camp at the same time

Over the coming 4-8 weeks the architects will take what was presented and prepare a master plan concept along with a determination of what is feasible with the county zoning plan and building codes. Pray for the Lord to rule over this planning stage and to be wisdom to the brothers that the conference center would meet the need of the churches and work.